The benefits of Self-pleasure

Self-pleasure, autoeroticism or flying solo... So many synonyms for masturbation… A common activity that does not get enough credit. We are here to tell you that it is a normal activity that we all do, or we don’t . As long as you are comfortable with yourself, this is all that matters.

Although it is No Nut November, we believe that masturbation is normal and should be enjoyed whenever. Furthermore, we dedicate this article to the late and beloved Betty Dodsons, a pioneer in promoting self-pleasure. She encouraged women to masturbate in order to regain their own sexual self-knowledge and power.

Masturbation- the easiest and simplest way to achieve an orgasm

Let’s think about orgasms for a minute. Is there more to it than just the pleasure aspect? Put aside all the techniques, the ecstatic feeling and just think of other positive effects it might have.

An orgasm can be a stress reliever. Thanks to the complex mechanisms that happen in our bodies, the brain cannot secret stress hormone (cortisol) in high levels when the love hormone is secreted as well (oxytocin). So you cannot be stressed and happy at the same time. Who wouldn’t choose happiness?

Furthermore, orgasms boost immunity. When you are stressed the immune system gets weaker and you are more susceptible to infections. Less stress, better immune system, healthier you. So let’s use this free and pleasurable stress relief method.

What else? Well, during an orgasm the brain releases oxytocin and endorphins which act as a natural opiate. These chemicals cause you to relax and can even release physical pain such as headaches and menstrual cramps. You don't have an ibuprofen at hand? Try an orgasm!

Reaching an orgasm has even more benefits than the ones we mentioned, so why not have one whenever you feel like it?

Other positive aspects of masturbation:

  • It can be a safer method of sexual expression, as it works as substitute for other sexual acts that increase the risk for STDs

  • Promoting a positive body image, increases self-esteem and sense of identity

  • You can learn about your own sexual response and pleasure

  • Sexologists recommend it for you to get to know your genital parts better, to learn about your erogenous zones and preferences

  • You can practice it with a partner, as mutual masturbation can enhance the overall sexual experience and lower the focus on penetration solely

  • It can be an important part in forming your relationship based on trust and communication

  • It can support men with sexual dysfunctions and premature ejaculation

  • Menstrual cramps can be alleviated (tired of using the same menstrual products since adolescence? Check our article about the various menstrual products that exist at the moment)

We are very happy that we are not the only ones that promote masturbation. During our research we discovered OMGYes, Jugend Sexuelle Gesundheit Schweiz and Womanizer amongst many others.

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