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Erotic films for women? Yes please!

December... the month of the magical holidays and the end of a crazy year. We are dedicating this month to women who impacted the world, empowered us and other women to follow our dreams, and fight for them.

The sex can stay dirty, but the values have to be clean.

Who said that? The one and only Erika Lust, adult film director who’s showing a new perspective on pornography and proves why feminist porn is essential for female sexuality empowerment. With the pandemic still going, we need to find other ways of rediscovering ourselves. We talked about Erika Lust and her Erika Lust Films business in our article dedicated to activities during the quarantine by yourself.

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Why the need of feminist pornography?

Because as many other industries, the pornographic industry has become a “Fast-food” entertainment show, very superficial and stereotypical. Pornography usually depicts female and male pleasure in an inauthentic way. Furthermore, the over exaggeration of sexual arousal and response leads to distorted expectations of how sex is. It may even impregnate the idea that one’s sex life is not good, as it doesn’t resemble what they see in movies.

Porna, or erotic movies for women, directed by women, aim to bring the authentic expression of pleasure to the public. The mission of feminist porn directors is to create a safe space where actors can develop authentic sexual connections that ultimately end in pure and honest pleasure.

I like the concept of shooting beautiful, aesthetic, cinematographic pieces, and still allowing them to be explicit

This type of revolutionary cinematography art can even be portrayed as a documentary, documenting sexual pleasure with/without orgasm in the most natural and authentic way possible. By having actors that can choose their scene partners and how they want to engage with them, giving them the time to get to know each other and to fully express themselves, giving the freedom to try fantasies of their own, preference of lube and sex toys, it nurtures a safe space environment where performers can release their natural and authentic sexual expressions.

Why is authenticity important? Because it destroys the stereotypes that porno actors face.

I always ask my actors with whom they'd like to work. Before shooting, we discuss how their characters are supposed to have sex. Everybody knows that communication is important; it's no problem to say you need a break.

One of the amazing female directors that wish to destroy the old perception of pornography and create high quality erotic movies for women, is Erika Lust. 17 years ago she founded Erika Lust Films a digital platform where you can find adult film directed and performed in the most authentic way possible. This porna expresses human sexuality in its natural form. Over the years she gained tremendous success, thanks to her artistic and natural erotic movies.

Erika Lust Films offers a subscription service, XConfessions, where you can find a curated variety of adult films based on your choices and fantasies.

Her movies are for every person, no matter their sexual orientation and even superior age limit. What is really cool is that they offer a 50% discount for people over 55 as a way to rekindle or enhance their sex life. Because sex should be enjoyed no matter how old you are.

Nowadays porn does not represent only a form of entertainment anymore. In many cases, this is the first (and maybe the only) “sex ed class” many teenagers get nowadays.

"We can't stop children from finding porn online, so it's really important to give them the tools to be critical and aware of what they're watching." Thinking of this important aspect, Erika along with her husband created The Porn Conversation, a safe space where parents can learn how to talk about pornography with their children.

What’s next for Erika? Soon she will launch a collection of erotic films, which will focus more on the eroticism and less on sex.

Did we make you curious? Then sign up to their newsletter and you will get a free movie!

We admire Erika Lust for her courage, dedication to women empowerment, and we are inspired by her.

Be smart. Be (c)LIT. Fly with us!🌺🐝


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