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Hello, lovely peeps!

Welcome to Kohe Lele community 🌺!

We are a team of highly ambitious people that aim to empower a worldwide community through approachable sex education. We believe that sex education should be accessible to everyone and everywhere.

Young, crazy and big dreamers. That’s how we see ourselves😁. 

Now let’s spread the #flyingvagina movement to make every flower bloom 🌺 and every vagina fly🐝.

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From Switzerland      , living in

The Netherlands


"Create the change with the movement #flyingvagina to close the knowledge gap and break the taboo worldwide about Vagina&Vulva related topics🌺! "

Gioia: Founder & emoji specialist🤪


From Romania      , living in

The Netherlands


"My goal: to spread awareness about sexual education and build a foundation that will help women in need 💓.''

Camelia: Co-founder & chocolate lover🍫


From Switzerland      , living in Canada


"The education and encouragement to talk about Vulvas & Vaginas keeps my fire burning🔥."

Lea: Co-founder & cheese hunter 🧀


From Scotland      , living in

The Netherlands


"Spreading the word about a worthy cause and taboo subject is just one of the bonuses to working on a unique design project. 🔥"


Heather: Our fries-loving designer🍟


From Switzerland      , living in

The Netherlands


"I love supporting the Kohe Lele family with guidance and workshops to not only spread the joy and education together but also show that change can be awesome and often needed 🌺"

Lara: Our popcorn-loving consultant🍿


From Poland     , living in

The Netherlands


"The only constant is change. Let the flowers bloom. 🌺
Now watch me KOHE 🎵, now watch me LELE 🎵"

Bartosz: Our adventure-loving strategist🚀

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Be smart. Be (c)Lit. Fly with us!

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From Switzerland     , living in Switzerland


"Especially for men it is super important to be educated about (flying 😉) vaginas and empowerment. Therefore, I am happy to support the mission of Kohe Lele 🚀!"

Gil: Our music-loving photographer📷