Our Mission

Empowering a worldwide community through approachable sex education.
Humorous, destigmatizing and encouraging.
Knowledge is power and everyone should have access to it.
Always. 🌺🐝

At Kohe Lele 🌺 we believe in a world, where profitable businesses give back to society. Therefore, Kohe Lele pledges to contribute part of its profit to the Kohe Lele foundation.


The aim of the foundation is to provide free sanitary pads to humans in less fortunate situations. Additionally, we will continually support the active spread of accessible sex education👩‍🏫👨‍🏫. Free workshops, community building, and educational blogs will be our core activities. 

Being in the mids of founding our own foundation, we want to support an existing initiative with the profit we are currently generating.

The Heels4Pads Initiative raises, distributes sanitary towels, and offers MHM education to girls and women in impoverished backgrounds in Kenya. 👠

Check out their (c)Lit initiative and learn how we as a community can support them. 

Goals to reach by the end of the year 2021 

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