The ClimaxBox

carefully selected content in a box to redefine your sexual relationship, empowerment and education

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We are creating exclusively 100 climaxBoxes that will be the saviour from the boredom of your routined sex life and the misconception of your partner's pleasure. In short: This box will make you rediscover the intimacy of you and your partner. This by breaking down the wrong expectations of the porn industry.


The climaxBox will provide you with the following carefully selected points:

- Tools to understanding the pleasure of your partner

- Challenging game to re-discover your partner

- Access to the virtual "Kohe Lele education platform" to learn about different sexual practices and bodies

Additionally, 10% of the income we will donate to our Kohe Lele foundation that supports Heels4Pads, an initiative from Sisters Speak in Kenya to fight against period poverty.



Discreet Packaging



"We spent a lot of time brainstorming about the content of the box. Now we can say that the products and education are carefully selected with the highest quality.

Order the climaxBox to rediscover your intimacy."

- Lea, 29, founder of the climaxBox

"Only recently we discovered more about the shape and function of the clitoris, talk about problems like Vaginismus or looked into HPV screenings. Never heard of these terms before?


Don't worry, we tried our best to create approachable and easily understandable content with our ClimaxBox.

- Camelia, 27, founder of the climaxBox

"In order to guide you through this new adventure, combined with taboo-breaking education and new experiences (and pleasures), we will add a one-pager with specified QR codes.

The QR codes will guide you through the new adventures. We tried to make it as exclusive as possible."

- Gioia, 27, founder of the climaxBox

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