The ClimaxBox

carefully selected content in a box to redefine your sexual relationship, empowerment and education

Ain't no Climax high enough!

Kohe Lele partnered up with 'Sexshop Heaveno7' in Amsterdam and created 100 educational boxes to re-discover the intimacy in your bedroom.

Read more about 'Sexshop Heaveno7' here.

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To Climax and beyond, baby!

The purchase of the box gives exclusive access to the Kohe Lele ClimaxWorld. The ClimaxWorld is a virtual backend that explains the use of the ClimaxBox products and more ideas on how to spice up your intimate time.

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For whom?

The first version of the ClimaxBox contains products for men and women. The enjoyments that you find in the box are suited for all genders. The products are intended for two people to enhance intimacy, communication and pleasure.

The current ClimaxBox is a starter box, especially suited for two people who have never used sex toys before.

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How does the ClimaxBox work?

Order the ClimaxBox here

The package will be sent discreetly to your address

Track your package with the provided tracking code

(will be sent within one week after purchase)

Once arrived, connect to our virtual "ClimaxWorld"

Play. Enjoy. Bloom!



Touch make every flower bloom & every Climax fly high!
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Additionally, 10% of the profit will be donated to our Kohe Lele foundation that supports Heels4Pads, an initiative from Sisters Speak in Kenya to fight against period poverty. Read more here.


"We spent a lot of time brainstorming about the content of the box. Now we can say that the products and education are carefully selected with the highest quality."

- Lea

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"In order to guide you through this new adventure, we will add a one-pager with a guide on how to access the ClimaxWorld."

- Gioia

"Only recently we discovered more about the shape and function of the clitoris, talk about problems like Vaginismus or looked into HPV screenings. Never heard of these terms before?"

- Camelia

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Ain't no climax high enough!

Frequently asked questions - ClimaxBox


Where do you ship your products to?

Currently, we ship to any European country. The sending costs will be added at the check-out depending on where you are located. Our facility center is in the Netherlands. For orders outside Europe, please send us an email to and we will look into the possibilities together with you.

Can I return my products?

Unfortunately, the products cannot be returned. If your product has a defect or is broken, please contact

My box arrived broken.

Please contact We will look into your inquiry to see what we can do.

Will I receive a tracking code to see where my package is located?

Yes. After your order is placed, we will ship the packages on a weekly basis. Once the package is sent, you will recieve a confirmation via email with the tracking code.

What is in the ClimaxBox?

The content of the ClimaxBox is a surprise. The intention of the ClimaxBox is to enhance your intimate life. You will find something vibrating, something for the body, something educational, and something for new adventures.


What makes Kohe Lele different to other boxes?

We created an exclusively dedicated backend (ClimaxWorld) for the people who purchased the box. We provide updated content and information about the products. Also, we add several tips on how to enhance your intimacy.

How do I access the backend?

You have to purchase the ClimaxBox in order to get access to our backend. Once purchased, you can log in with the email address you purchased over our site and get access.

Can I change the email address to access the backend?

Yes, please send for this inquiry an email to

How long will the access last?

Currently, there is no limit for people who purchase the first version of the ClimaxBox. This might change for our future box versions.

Kohe Lele

Who is behind Kohe Lele?

We are a team of young individuals who have the mission to make sex education accessible and approachable worldwide. With Kohe Lele we provide free education over our (c)literature (aka blog posts), distribute our ClimaxBox and with our foundation support the fight against period poverty.

'Kohe Lele', what does it mean?

Kohe Lele originates from the Hawaiian language and translates into 'Flying Vagina'.

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