Why we do what we do

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Our Mission

Empowering a worldwide community through approachable sex education.
Humorous, destigmatizing and encouraging.
Knowledge is power and everyone should have access to it.
Always. 🌺🐝


We believe that everyone has the right to access sexual education, to speak up for themselves and to enjoy pleasure.

Everyone has the right to make choices over their own body and to set borders.

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We believe that knowledge is power and everyone should have access to it. By sharing content in a humorous, destigmatizing and in the end, approachable way, will lift the taboo and make everyone feel comfortable to approach it. 



We believe a change can not happen alone. A change can only happen if we include everyone. And with everyone, we mean every gender, every nationality and, in the end, every human being included.

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To make every flower bloom, and every vagina fly. ✨

The Kohe Lele Story

Three girls from different countries have found each other with the same mission. A mission to open the conversation about female pleasure, sexual education and to create a business with a social impact.

Gioia started, with the support of her boyfriend Bartosz, in 2019 with a simple blog and website, after finding out that for 26 years she called her Vulva mistakenly Vagina and that her knowledge about her own anatomy was so little 😯. The content, branding and mission were simple but always in a colorful, humorous and taboo-breaking way.

As knowledge, education, and encouragement should be accessible to everyone everywhere she looked for founders with the same mission and ambition. With great excitement, she found the perfect fitting partners; Lea and Camelia for starting the movement #flyingvagina. It was the start of a wonderful friendship and teamwork. Lea being originally Swiss, currently living in Canada, gets her fire burning with educating and encouraging a community about sex education topics.

Camelia, originally from Romania, living in the Netherlands, gets enthusiastic about spreading awareness about sexual education and building a foundation that will provide people in need with sanitary products. 

We decided to join our forces to make a change in the world and enter the entrepreneurial world.

Over time, several beautiful people have joined the Kohe Lele team to make sure, the movement will reach a new level. Heather, ​a very talented Graphic Designer, has reached out and offered to create a whole new branding. Lara, a very talented consultant, joined with offering different workshops to define our mission. This support brought Kohe Lele on a further level.


Since the beginning of Kohe Lele we got supported by many amazing people in our environment who are constantly referring us to people, sending content ideas, share our posts, give great ideas on development and, most importantly, help us spread our word. The support of the community has pushed us to achieve the Kohe Lele we created today.

Curious about what Kohe Lele means? The origins of the name comes from the Hawaiian Mythology🍍. Translated into English it means Flying Vagina. The mythology goes back to Kapo, the goddess of fertility, who had a Flying Vagina. Kapo’s sister Pele, was being stalked and almost raped by the pig god Kamapua'a, so she sent her flying vagina to distract Kamapuaa and saved Pele. Kapo’s flying vagina was therefore the savior of the day 👑! 


Kohe Lele was therefore the perfect name for this movement. Therefore, in order to make the (c)lit change we encourage you to spread the #flyingvagina to make every flower bloom 🌺 and every vagina fly🐝!

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The Branding in 2019 - The beginning

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New Branding from 2020 

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