Interview with a Femtech Insider

With spring energy on the rise, we want to start this sunny season with empowering content. In celebration of International Women's Day, we are dedicating March to female entrepreneurs. Ambitious women that saw a problem girls and women are confronted with, and came up with a solution.

For some years now, a new phenomenon has been around, one that is focused on women's health and aims to make their lives more comfortable and easier. In case you do not know what we are talking about, wonder no more.

“Femtech”, a term that has become popular over time and is predicted to have a large impact on women’s lives. In the previous weeks, we talked about what Femtech is, femtech startups that are focused on pregnancy and maternal care and on sexual wellness and menopause care.

Today, we are sharing an interview with the founder of the platform 'Femtech Insider'.

From sexual wellness to menopausal care, the Femtech industry is booming and is expected to reach a market value of nearly 50 billion dollars by 2025. Enjoy the interview with Kathrin who has impacted the femtech space by bringing many initiatives together!

Lovely Kathrin, thank you for being with us for this interview! First, tell us a bit more about yourself 💜 and your motivation to start ‘Femtech Insider’?

My name is Kathrin and am originally from Austria. I'm the founder and CEO of ‘Femtech Insider’ and the co-founder at 'Perla Health'. My background is tech-related. I've spent pretty much my entire career working for tech companies of all different shapes and sizes: From very big corporate organizations to very small startups in Europe and in the Silicon Valley.

In my last role, at a fintech company, I was diagnosed with PCOS, (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), which is a condition that is actually surprisingly common (1 in 10 women is affected). PCOS is a hormonal condition that can lead to all kinds of symptoms, like infertility, obesity, bad skin, growing hair in places where you don't necessarily want them, etc. This has made me much more aware of different female health issues where there is only little awareness about it (yet).

Being diagnosed with PCOS and my experience in the fintech sector, made me understand the opportunity of technology and its potential to improve female’s health. Therefore, I started to look into the different femtech startups quite early on. Back then, I only found a couple of startups that created a menstrual tracker. Anyhow, in order to keep track of the companies, I started a personal spreadsheet to collect and follow them, initially for my own interest.

Later on, when the famous 2019 report was published which forecasted the femtech industry with a market value of $50 billion (which I would argue is actually far too low), I saw an opportunity to bring all these innovations together. Especially, since I wanted to learn more about it but could not find a place where all these companies were gathered. I mean, it was quite shocking to me since we have an opportunity for something that can move the needle for around 50% of the world's population. How come there isn't a platform or anything similar that specifically speaks to this?

This is how ‘Femtech Insider’ kicked off in 2019. Starting with a spreadsheet and side project that took over my life.

Femtech Insider - What do you offer on your platform? We collect different femtech related initiatives worldwide and showcase them on our platform. About a month ago, we introduced a membership model which is kind of the ‘inner circle’. The inner-circle is a combination of more emails than the newsletter, analyzing what happened throughout the month, reporting, which startups, innovation, or stakeholders are relevant in any given space. Additionally, we also host events and opportunities to chat with people that you don't see at every femtech event.

Femtech Insider has grown quite rapidly and all through word of mouth, which I'm very proud of. Also, I am in love with serving the community, it's such meaningful work. The beauty is that every single person on this mailing list really wants to be there. This we especially see in our organically growing engagement numbers. Also, I feel that we're really making a difference by bundling all the voices out there. With Fe