Interesting activities to do with your partner during quarantine

As the current situation is making most of us stay at home🏡, we’re taking this as an opportunity to discover new things and to not get bored or stuck in a dull routine. If you are living with your partner you are, hopefully, in luck! Here are some activities that you can enjoy together and get to know each other better. We even received some reviews from our Kohe Lele community ❤️!

Use your bodies as paintbrushes

What you need: a white canvas, some body paint and a lot of fun. Cover yourself with body paint and express your creativity on the canvas. Who knows, maybe a valuable piece of art will come out of your imagination.

“My partner and I got this as a gift. On a special date night we opened up a bottle of wine and covered the floor with the provided plastic tarp. The combination of having paint on your body, putting it on your partner's body and then having fun with it on the canvas made this an incredible experience. We had an unforgettable night full of intimate moments, giggles, "inspection" of the art progress and a rewarding shower. It's now our little secret hanging in the kitchen! We have gifted the kit to other couples since!”

Here you can find some kits to buy online:

Self-pleasure in front of each other

One of many ways how to get to know your partner better is to see what turns him/her on. Ask your partner to touch himself/herself in front of you. You can do the same. Intimacy is more than sex.

"At the beginning of our relationship we were a little bit awkward together as we didn’t know each other that well yet. One night, after 2 bottles of wine, we started talking about what we enjoy doing in bed and we showed each other what turns us on, by masturbating together. We didn’t have sex, but we talked about how it feels when we touch our own bodies and what we need during this moment in order to climax. We both agreed that this kind of game makes us feel confident and powerful as we take our orgasms in our own hands. Needless to say, I learned what my partner likes and now he does the magic on me with his hands. From time to time, we still do this when we want to spice things up in the bedroom and I can definitely say that this has strengthened our relationship”

Explore each other's bodies in the house

When was the last time you and your partner looked at each other's bodies without focusing on the erogenous zones? How does your partner’s kneecap look like? How many freckles do you have? Is that a birth sign? It is time to find out! You can even make a contest of how many things you discover.