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Interesting activities to do with your partner during quarantine

As the current situation is making most of us stay at home🏡, we’re taking this as an opportunity to discover new things and to not get bored or stuck in a dull routine. If you are living with your partner you are, hopefully, in luck! Here are some activities that you can enjoy together and get to know each other better. We even received some reviews from our Kohe Lele community ❤️!


Use your bodies as paintbrushes

What you need: a white canvas, some body paint and a lot of fun. Cover yourself with body paint and express your creativity on the canvas. Who knows, maybe a valuable piece of art will come out of your imagination.

“My partner and I got this as a gift. On a special date night we opened up a bottle of wine and covered the floor with the provided plastic tarp. The combination of having paint on your body, putting it on your partner's body and then having fun with it on the canvas made this an incredible experience. We had an unforgettable night full of intimate moments, giggles, "inspection" of the art progress and a rewarding shower. It's now our little secret hanging in the kitchen! We have gifted the kit to other couples since!”

Here you can find some kits to buy online:


Self-pleasure in front of each other

One of many ways how to get to know your partner better is to see what turns him/her on. Ask your partner to touch himself/herself in front of you. You can do the same. Intimacy is more than sex.

"At the beginning of our relationship we were a little bit awkward together as we didn’t know each other that well yet. One night, after 2 bottles of wine, we started talking about what we enjoy doing in bed and we showed each other what turns us on, by masturbating together. We didn’t have sex, but we talked about how it feels when we touch our own bodies and what we need during this moment in order to climax. We both agreed that this kind of game makes us feel confident and powerful as we take our orgasms in our own hands. Needless to say, I learned what my partner likes and now he does the magic on me with his hands. From time to time, we still do this when we want to spice things up in the bedroom and I can definitely say that this has strengthened our relationship”


Explore each other's bodies in the house

When was the last time you and your partner looked at each other's bodies without focusing on the erogenous zones? How does your partner’s kneecap look like? How many freckles do you have? Is that a birth sign? It is time to find out! You can even make a contest of how many things you discover.

“Living with my partner since four years is quite challenging. We knew basically everything about each other. Yet, the current quarantine is making the situation harder. To revamp our sex life, we thought of something new: a challenge. Exploring each other in every room neither focusing on the genitals nor having sexual intercourse.

We started in the living room, where we undressed each other. A simple exercise at first, to break the ice: start exploring the exposed body. This, by standing in front of the mirror and comparing our appearances. It was a weird experience being so exposed in front of my partner and comparing our shapes. We told each other what we saw, what we liked about each other and on our own body. Secondly, we looked at each other and counted how many birthmarks, scars and wrinkles the other one has. It was fun since I also explored parts of my partner, that I normally don’t look at (e.g. behind the ears, between the toes or even between the ass cheeks ;) ).

Having understood the body of the other, we moved to the kitchen where we previously prepared some favorite foods with different textures (ours were: mango pulp, port wine, ripe avocado and maple syrup). One person lies on the kitchen table and the other spreads it on the body (how and where, is totally up to preferences). There, the culinary experience started (tip: put some plastic sheets on the ground, in case anything falls on the floor). Explore what the other likes, spread it, lick it, taste it, kiss it etc. Be creative, there are no boundaries (expect of having sexual intercourse, as that is part of the game).

After this tasty experience, we moved to the bathroom where we took a shower and washed one another, brushed our hair and even shave the other (start understanding the other’s shower routine). After the shower, one person had to put body lotion on the other (and make sure that all the parts are being covered and massaged with lotion).

The last travel destination in our intimate journey was the bedroom. This was the most challenging one. As we are used to having sexual intercourse in this room we had to remember that we are here on a sex-free journey. We both prepared 5 songs beforehand ( chosen genres were: classic, pop, film music, metal and African beats). We shared them on a private Spotify playlist and started dancing (remember we are still freshly showered and naked :) ) depending on what music title was played, we moved differently. Sometimes together, sometimes alone. 100% “out of comfort zone” but still a fun experience. I explored how my partner looked while dancing, how the body parts were shaking etc.

To calm down and wrap up the evening, we both lied on the bed and started a quiz. We each prepared 10 questions. The questions were allowed to be very intimate, since we created a safe space to ask things I wouldn’t have dared otherwise or did not find the right moment for: “Are you interested in exploring our sex life with another person? If not, would you give me the freedom to do so?”, “Do you casually smoke cigarettes?”, “What is your feeling regarding the whole quarantine situation?”, “Are you afraid that our families are in danger?”.After some really deep conversations and discussions we ended this expedition. It was amazing to find a new way to explore and get to know my partner. We bonded on a new level. Next time, we will add other rooms (I mean there is still the cellar ;) and the balcony to make additional challenges).”


These activities are meant to bring you closer, but you should only do what you are both comfortable with. Who knows? Maybe you can find other interesting activities to share with us in the comment section.

Keep posted 🌺🐝!

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