We are Kohe Lele

December... the month of the magical holidays and the end of a crazy year. Even though so many things happened this year we are always looking on the bright side and try to share with you, lovely peeps, as many interesting facts about the amazing human body as we can find.

In the year 2020, Kohe Lele grew more than we could imagine. Kohe Lele is more than a team, it is a family. Therefore, we are happy to share with you our achievements, that wouldn’t have been possible without the support from our community.

Milestones of 2020

  • Presenting Kohe Lele on The International Women’s Day in the offices of WeWork in Amsterdam

  • We defined our mission and values thanks to our very own lovely business consultant, Lara

  • We launched our new branded website, cool, hip and fun, just like our graphic designer Heather, that revealed the identity of Kohe Lele

  • 46 weekly meetings, where we made sure we were always on track with our development and fun

  • 38 articles written based on scientific research, where we learned about our own bodies along with you lovely peeps

  • 3 courageous women talked with us about period poverty, managing a sex shop and surviving ovarian cancer

  • Bi-weekly Instagram and Facebook posts

  • 3 appearances in online media

  • We launched our webshop, where a part of profits go to a foundation that helps women in need

  • We chose a foundation to donate a part of our profits to, Heels4Pads, an initiative from Sisters Speak in Kenya to fight against period poverty.

  • We launched our climaxBox, a surprise package that will re-educate you on pleasure, provoke new activities in bed and additionally will give you many new insights in the world of the (female) body

  • Weekly newsletter and a monthly reminder for Self Breast Examination

  • A constantly growing community of people all around the world that keeps the Kohe Lele fire burning. Thank you for your support, ideas to further improve and to be with us!

As the year is coming to an end we want for you, lovely peeps, to get to know us better. To learn about our motives and the reason we are Kohe Lele. Therefore, read our interview with Lea, Cami & Gioia.

Who are you?

L: I'm originally from Switzerland and now live in Ottawa, Canada. With 29 years under my belt, I work for a NGO that supports entrepreneurs and startups. I have the privilege to organize and facilitate workshops with the aim to equip and support them in achieving their business goals.

C: I am from Romania and currently live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I am a 27 year old pharmacist working in a pharmaceutical company, where I make sure the that medicine that goes to patients is safe. Next to that I am a mentor for pharmacy students.

G: Same as Lea, I am originally from Switzerland (Lea and I worked at the same student job, where we got to know each other). I work and live, same as Cami, in Amsterdam (Cami and I did the same Master’s, where we got to know each other). I am 27 years old and work in several startups and at the University of Amsterdam.