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Kohe Lele empowering a worldwide community

Empowering a worldwide community 

...through challenge, surprise! and knowledge
Kohe Lele FemTech master challenge

Are you a FemTech company facing challenges with your business strategy?


Are you a student/ professional eager to enter the FemTech industry and learn consulting skills?


Join forces through our FemTech Challenge program.

Kohe Lele Climaxbox for couples

100 carefully selected climaxBoxes to redefine your sexual relationship, empowerment and education.

Toys, games and many more...


Bonus: Exclusive access to our ClimaxWorld platform, our perfect guide for using the ClimaxBox to the fullest.

Kohe Lele Science based blog posts about women's health

Our clit blog welcomes you with anything you need to know about women's health.


Sexuality, STDs, facts about your body and many more.

Reliable & Trustworthy: All our medical articles are backed up by science and clinical studies.

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