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Interesting activities to do by yourself during quarantine

The current situation is making most of us stay at home, so we’re taking this as an opportunity to discover new things and to not get bored or stuck in a dull routine. If you are living by yourself, do not despair. Consider this period as a time of self-exploration.

Sex toys

No one knows what you like more than yourself. So experiment with different techniques and toys to discover what turns you on. The market is full of toys, designed for different preferences and stimuli. Whether it’s a dildo, a vibrator, G-spot toys, a butt plug or anal beads ( the list goes on), your pleasure is all that matters.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

P.S. Do not forget to wash your toys after each use in order to prevent bacteria build up!

Kegel exercises\ Yoni Yoga

If you are already working out or you just started during the quarantine, try adding some pelvic floor exercises to your routine. The Kegel exercises strengthen the muscles in your pelvic floor, offering numerous health benefits, such as improved bladder control, easier recovery after birth and boosting orgasms. As these pelvic muscles support the uterus, bladder, small intestine and rectum, contracting them as a routine will provide long term benefits. How to do them? Contract your muscles like you are stopping yourself from peeing.

Follow this step-by-step guide to perform Kegel exercises:


Women watch porn too! As most of the erotic films are focused on the male pleasure, in recent years a movement arose that led to making pornographic movies adjusted to women’s needs and preferences. One cool director is Erika Lust, who has directed numerous erotic movies that focus on the female audience.

Discover her interesting movies here:

Self-pleasure education

Because you can never know enough about yourself, it is important to keep discovering your body. OMGYes is an online platform that revolves around female masturbation, specifically through clitoral stimulation, using researched-based truths. If you want to learn more about edging, hinting or accenting (yes, these are really pleasure terms), check the website below.

Educational books

Not everything has to be visual. Reading books about sex and the female anatomy can be educational and fun too. We gathered reviews on two books from our Kohe Lele community.

The Vagina Bible, by Dr. Jen Gunter

“If you are a person with a vagina or want to learn more about this fabulous body part, you need this book. I’ve learned a lot about my own body and use it as a tool for my own health and well-being. It’s a book where knowledge meets humor. “

The Wonder Down Under: A User’s Guide to the Vagina, by Nina Brochmann

“Have you ever heard of the topics: ‘Vaginismus’, ‘the hormone FSH’ , ‘PMS’ or do you know the answers to questions such as: “Why a woman is not fertile during a longer period of life?”, “How does copper IUD prevent pregnancy?” or “What purpose does the ‘pill after’ have? This book explains these topics in an approachable, educational and tolerant way. Once I started reading the book I could not put it down anymore, since I constantly asked myself: “How come, I did not know that already (and I am in my late twenties ;) )?”



Body painting

Even though we looked into this in the article on activities with a partner, who says that you can’t create a piece of art by yourself?!

What you need: a white canvas, some body paint and a lot of fun. Cover yourself with body paint and express your creativity on the canvas. Who knows, maybe a valuable piece of art will come out of your imagination.

Here you find some kits to buy online:

With all these activities you can’t run out of things to do. Take advantage of your time at home and explore yourself!

Keep posted 🌺🐝!

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