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Kohe Lele statements


DEI statement

Our Inclusion Commitment

We are passionate about creating an inclusive community where knowledge, experiences, and diversity are celebrated. While there is always more work to do, we are intentional in our understanding and support of others with regard to gender, ethnicity, accessibility, age, and sexual orientation. 

In our science and medial-based articles, we refer to women as people who were born with female sex organs. We recognize that not everyone born this way identifies as a woman. 


We believe, that knowledge is power and everyone should have access to it, to ensure #EqualityForAll

Cultural appropriation statement

While searching for a brand name, we knew #flyingvagina was what we wanted to go for. Knowing that censoring any anatomy-related names would be a real issue, translating the words into a different language was a valid choice we had. This is how the name Kohe Lele came about, which means #flying vagina in Hawaiian. While we acknowledge that this is not our native tongue, we distance ourselves from any cultural connection, intention, or appropriation. 

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