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Femtech startups that are changing the world. Part I

With spring energy on the rise, we want to start this sunny season with empowering content. In celebration of International Women's Day we are dedicating March to female entrepreneurs. Ambitious women that saw a problem girls and women are confronted with, and came up with a solution.

For some years now, a new phenomenon has been around, one that is focused on women's health and aims to make their lives more comfortable and easier. In case you do not know what we are talking about, wonder no more.

“Femtech”, a term that has become popular over time and is predicted to have a large impact on women’s lives. Last week we talked about what Femtech is and who coined the term.

Today, we are sharing with you a few Femtech startups that are making a change in women’s lives. From fertility to nursing care, the Femtech industry is booming and is expected to reach a market value of nearly 50 billion dollars by 2025.

Fertility care

Nowadays, difficulty conceiving has become a multidimensional global health issue that affects both developed and developing countries. There are so many different factors that influence fertility: from being born with reproductive dysfunctions to modern life and social context. With the help of technology we can now track our most fertile days to get pregnant and have access to more fertility options than decades ago.

This modern and tech-enabled clinic from the US aims to disrupt the healthcare system, which is oftentimes inaccessible or too complex. Their services range from fertility treatments, including IVF and egg freezing, to gynecology, wellness, and LGBTQ+ care. One advantage Kindbody has over other traditional clinics is its virtual service through their telehealth platform. The founder of Kindbody is Gina Bartasi, serial entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in health tech, who founded Progyny (a fertility benefits management company for corporates) as well.

Carrot is a company that offers fertility benefits to corporates, by broadening fertility options to employees. Carrot covers adoption, gestational carrier (surrogacy) arrangements, financial support for IVF (in vitro fertilization) in various parts of the world, such as New York, Geneva, Tokyo, Dublin and many more. The founders are Tammy Sun and Juli Insinger, two ambitious women that want to make fertility treatments affordable and accessible to everyone.

Prelude fertility aims to provide a modern approach to building a family. Prelude’s network of fertility clinics provides a variety of options and care to meet your fertility goals. They offer services such as egg freezing, IVF, donor egg services, genetics services, male factor infertility inquiry, surrogacy and mail-order fertility pharmacy services. Previous CEO and currently on the board advisor, Susan Hertzberg has years of experience in executive diagnostics and healthcare services and has been recognized for her success in transforming early stage and start-up companies into market leaders.

Pregnancy care

Many women develop risks during pregnancy which can potentially harm both mother and baby. Pregnancies often require extra care. This need for developing devices that can monitor the mother and baby’s health, lead to the development of pregnancy related technology.

Nuvo is an Israelian startup that developed INVU, an FDA approved wearable device, through which expectant mothers can monitor their own and the baby’s heartbeat. The data is monitored through an app that both the mother and the clinician have access, hereby facilitating virtual well-being checks. This device is very useful, especially now during the pandemic, as many appointments are cancelled or postponed due to restrictions.

Bloomlife is a healthcare startup that aims to lower the maternal mortality and morbidity rates by providing a remote prenatal platform where patients and clinicians can be in contact and monitor critical maternal and fetal health parameters. Their goal is to offer personalized care and enhance doctor-patient communication while continuing research to increase the wellbeing of expectant mothers and their babies.

“Because new beginnings deserve safe endings”

Alydia Health is a company that tackles post birth complications, such as postpartum hemorrhage (excessive bleeding) and abnormal uterine bleeding. As a solution, they developed the Jada System, a device that can be inserted inside the uterus after giving birth. The device restores the normal functioning of the uterus, through a vacuum function that stops the excessive bleeding.

Nursing care

Some say that getting pregnant and delivering the baby is the easy part when it comes to forming a family. Only mothers know the challenges of raising a newborn, especially when juggling looking after a newborn and working. These cool startups provide solutions for working moms that still want to breastfeed and maintain the maximum comfort for their babies.

Milk Stork offers multiple solutions for working moms that want to provide maternal milk for their newborns, such as breast milk shipping services, milk stork for employees (health and care benefits, pumping and lactation services, domestic and international milk shipping) and milk stork for surrogacy. The founder and CEO is Kate Torgersen, who came up with this idea while facing the challenges of travelling for work while having to breast feed her twins.

Willow is a startup that provides wearable breast pumps that can fit inside the bra and pump milk while doing your daily chores. The patented, no-spill technology prevents moms from worrying about pumping their breast milk while ensuring them comfort, more control and a hands free device. Naomi Kelman, the founder and former CEO of Willow, revolutionized the breast pump industry.

As simple as it looks, as innovative and creative it is. The Nursing bracelet helps moms breastfeed while ensuring them the comfort they need. No more neck and back pain due to the constant lifting and holding the blouse while breastfeeding. The Nurselet holds the mother’s shirt up while breastfeeding and it can also be used as a tool to remember which of the breast was used. The bracelet was developed by Rupal Asodaria, while struggling with neck and back pain due to constant holding the blouse up while breastfeeding. The idea came to a reality after discussions with pediatricians and other moms struggling with the same challenges. Since its launch in 2015, Nurslet has given comfort to breastfeeding mothers in over 35 countries.

With the rise of Femtech, we are witnessing a revolution focused on women’s needs. And this is just the beginning. We are very grateful to be living in this era, where technology can have such a significant positive impact on women’s lives.

Be smart. Be (c)LIT. Fly with us!🌺🐝

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