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Kohe Lele foundation

Giving back
to society

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At Kohe Lele 🌺 we believe in a world, where profitable businesses give back to society. Therefore, Kohe Lele pledges to contribute part of its profit to a foundation of choice, in line with our mission.


Empowering a worldwide community through challenge, surprise! and knowledge. 

Humorous, destigmatizing and encouraging.

Knowledge is power and everyone should have access to it. Always. 🌺🐝



Sister Speak Global is an organization from Kenya that offers female-centered events. The founders, Monica Muhoya, Angela Waweru and Angela Muiruri, offer women a safe environment through curated events that increase the feeling of empowerment, confidence and support in order to pursue their goals and purpose in life.


Besides their events, Sisters Speak Global initiated a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) campaign. Called Heels4Pads, the CSR campaign is fighting period poverty while empowering women and girls, and advancing gender equality through access to menstrual health management.


​Their mission is to use barter trade (exchanging heels for menstrual pads) for social good to raise awareness about period poverty, offer menstrual products and education as well as deconstruct myths by normalizing menstrual conversations in public spaces in Kenya.

How do we contribute to Heels4Pads?

We donate 10% of our profits from our ClimaxBox sales to the to Heels4Pads foundation.

By purchasing the climaxBox you contribute to their mission of fighting against period poverty and empowering women and girls through access menstrual health management.

Our collaboration with Sister Speaks Global goes beyond the donations, as along the time we collaborated and supported each other through blog guests, Instagram lives and networking events.

Sister Speak Global collaboration with Kohe Lele first meeting

April 2021. Our first meeting with Monica and Angela, from Sister Speaks Global.

Read more about their organization and CSR campaign, Heels4Pads, through which they are fighting period poverty through the power of high heels, in our blog post.

Sister Speak Global collaboration with Kohe Lele instagram live
Sister Speak Global collaboration with Kohe Lele networking event

May 2021. Our first Instagram Live togther, where we talked about Demystifying Sed Education and Interlinkage to Menstrual Health.

August 2022. Our first networking event in person. Monica and Gioia met in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

So kannst du dich engagieren 

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