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Why Kohe Lele?🌺🐝

Have you ever wondered why we chose Kohe Lele as our name, what it stands for and how it is connected to our mission? Wonder no more! Continue reading to learn about the Kohe Lele mythology, our mission, values and future foundation!

Kohe Lele originates from the Hawaiian Mythology and means “Flying Vagina”. 🌺🐝


The story of Kohe Lele lies in the Hawaiian mythology. It is believed that once upon a time there was a goddess of fertility. Her name was Kapo and she was able to take any shape desired. She came from a big family, her sisters being Kāne, Pele, Nāmaka and Hiʻiaka. One time her sister Pele, goddess of fire, was in great danger. She was being attacked by Kamapua’a, a god half-human and half-pig. Kapo, sensing that her sister was in danger, detached her own vagina and sent it into the god’s direction. The flying vagina, Kohe Lele, distracted Kamapua’a and lured him to the Oahu Island. On the island, the Kohe Lele crashed into the ground, creating an enormous crater that trapped the god inside. The flying vagina then returned to Kapo. And just like that, the Kapo’s flying vagina prevented Pele from getting raped and saved the day.

In line with Hawaiian symbolisms, the yellow hibiscus is part of Kohe Lele’s brand story.

The yellow hibiscus stands for a myriad of things. In North America the hibiscus means a perfect wife or woman. By giving a hibiscus flower in Victorian times, the giver acknowledged the receiver's delicate beauty. In China it signifies fame, riches, glory and splendor but also the fleeting of such.

Now you understand why our motto is all about spreading the #flyingvagina in order to make every flower bloom 🌺 and every vagina fly🐝!

Mission 💡

Our mission is to empower a worldwide community through approachable sex education. Humorous, destigmatizing, positive and encouraging. Knowledge is power and everyone should have access to it. Always.🌺🐝

In order to accomplish our mission, we stand by the following core values:

Empowerment 💡

We believe that everyone has the right to access sexual education, to speak up and to enjoy pleasure. Everyone has the right to make choices over their own body and to set personal boundaries.

Approachability ❤️

We believe that knowledge is power and everyone should have access to it. By sharing content in a humorous, destigmatizing and approachable way, we are lifting the taboo around sexual education and make everyone feel comfortable with it.

Community 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👩‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👨‍👧‍👦

We believe a change can not happen alone. It can only happen when we include everyone. And with everyone, we mean every gender, sexual orientation, nationality and in the end, every human being.

Foundation 👐

At Kohe Lele 🌺 we believe in a world, where profitable businesses give back to society. Therefore, Kohe Lele pledges to contribute a percentage of its profit to the Kohe Lele foundation. The aim of the foundation is to provide free sanitary pads to humans in less fortunate situations and to keep spreading sexual education content in an approachable way 👩‍🏫👨‍🏫. Free workshops, community building and ongoing education will be the core of these activities.

This year, as we were celebrating the Women’s International Day in March, we had our first workshop. We talked about HPV and the difference between a vulva and a vagina.

Watch the video below to see us in action!

Join our Kohe Lele community now and help us to spread the #flyingvagina in order to make every flower bloom 🌺 and every vagina fly🐝!

Stay tuned 🌺🐝!


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