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Femtech startups that are changing the world. Part II

With spring energy on the rise, we want to start this sunny season with empowering content. In celebration of International Women's Day, we are dedicating March to female entrepreneurs. Ambitious women that saw a problem girls and women are confronted with, and came up with a solution.

For some years now, a new phenomenon has been around, one that is focused on women's health and aims to make their lives more comfortable and easier. In case you do not know what we are talking about, wonder no more.

“Femtech”, a term that has become popular over time and is predicted to have a large impact on women’s lives. In the previous weeks, we talked about what Femtech is and femtech startups that are focused on pregnancy and maternal care.

Today, we are sharing even more Femtech startups that are making a change in women’s lives. From sexual wellness to menopausal care, the Femtech industry is booming and is expected to reach a market value of nearly 50 billion dollars by 2025.

Do it at home tests

Flushable, biodegradable and discreet. Who would have thought that these words can describe a pregnancy test? Enter Lia Diagnostic, an American startup that is revolutionizing the do it at home pregnancy test. Discreet but also eco friendly, the pregnancy test is FDA cleared and has a 99% accuracy. The founders, Bethany Edwards and Anna Couturier, were motivated to develop this device by the enormous negative impact plastic pregnancy tests have on the environment.

Sexual wellness

Pleasurable, confident and healthy sex. This is what Ferly stands by. With their app you can dive into the world of sexual self reflection, be it through audio or written content. Everything backed up by researchers and experts, Ferly invites you on a journey where you can learn about your sexual response and how to overcome numerous sexual issues.

Painful sex, or dyspareunia, is an experience that, unfortunately, many women go through. It is still not fully researched, therefore leaving women only with medical and surgical treatments. After going through it herself, Emily Sauer developed an intimate wearable product that aims to prevent painful sex by controlling the depth of sexual penetration. Easy to use and comfortable to feel, Ohnut aims to help millions of women that are suffering from dyspareunia.

“A Fitbit for your sexual pleasure and health!”

We made you curious? Well, nowadays we can monitor everything, from our heartbeat to our daily steps. Why not monitor our orgasms as well? Lioness brings a super tech vibrator to the table that can monitor your orgasms. It shows how your orgasms can vary in intensity and duration depending on your mood, stress, alcohol intake, different partners and more. And all this on your smartphone! Lioness’ mission is to make you understand your body better and to feel more confident.

Menopausal care

Menopause is something natural that occurs to every woman later in life, therefore it is important to be informed and prepared for what the future holds. Perimenopause, menopause, postmenopause read all about it in our previous article.

Thankfully, many startups are working on making the transition to menopause easier.

Age is just a number and Lisa Health is here to prove it to you. As menopause sets in, symptoms like hot flushes, vaginal atrophy and low libido are common. Lisa Health aims to help women with menopause navigate through life while managing present and future symptoms by providing up to date research and resources, and a community.

One of the most common symptoms of menopause is vaginal dryness. And Madorra is here to find a solution to this. The US based startup is working on developing a medical device for post-menopause women and breast cancer survivors as an alternative to hormonal treatment. Madorra is co-founded by Holly Rockweiler, a biomedical engineer that is working on making an impact in women’s lives.

With the rise of Femtech, we are witnessing a revolution focused on women’s needs. And this is just the beginning. We are very grateful to be living in this era, where technology can have such a significant positive impact on women’s lives.

Be smart. Be (c)LIT. Fly with us!🌺🐝

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